PHR SPHR Certification

This program is designed to help students prepare for and maintain the PHR or SPHR certification.

    Available courses

    The PHR SPHR Exam Prep On Demand program is designed to provide you with a blended learning process that includes online lectures, online exams, in-class instructor time and the opportunity to learn at your own pace.  The pre-recorded lectures include the five Human Resource functional areas of:

    • Unit 1: Business Management/Leadership and Strategy
    • Unit 2: Talent Planning and Acquisition
    • Unit 3: Learning and Development
    • Unit 4: Total Rewards
    • Unit 5: Employee and Labor Relations/Employee Engagement

    The PHRca® Exam Preparation Study Guide can be used as an independent self-paced study course or in conjunction with our live instructor lead classes. Our study guide is designed specifically to help students pass the HRCI PHRca exam. It gives you all of the California specific functional areas required by HRCI in the same order that HRCI describes them. It includes the 264 spiral bound PHRca® Exam Prep Study Guide plus an online classroom with 300 Online Practice Exam Questions, 8 Pre-Recorded Lectures, PowerPoint Study Guide and Digital Flash Cards. You will receive a password to enter the classroom when your study guide ships.

    The Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) is a knowledge-based credential that is designed to certify individuals beginning their HR career journey who have successfully demonstrated foundational knowledge of Human Resources.

    PHR and SPHR recertification is an important part of maintaining and staying updated on current Human Resources knowledge and best practices.

    For every one hour of Human Resources related education certified HR professionals will earn one re-certification credit.

    To recertify, certified HR professionals must earn 20 general credits per year and must re-certify every 3 years (total of 60 hours of education - 3 years x 20 credits = 60 credits.

    *Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

    PHR certified professionals must earn 60 general HR credits over 3 years.

    *Professional in Human Resources California (PHRca)

    PHRca certified professionals must include 5 of the 20 hours per year of education specific to California.

    *Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR)

    SPHR certified professionals need 5 of the 20 hours of education specific to strategy and general business.

    For those professionals that are PHRca and SPHR certified must cover both of those levels of education - 5 California, 5 business management and 10 general each year to earn 20 hours of re-certification credits.

    The HR Pro Conference will give you 5 hours of education (credits) general or California.